DMAC featured on Racialicious!

I met Tony, a sweet kid who decided he was ready to be the next Jazze Pha and used my help to create his own beat using GarageBand, which he then attempted to convert into a ringtone for his cellphone.  One kid, named Robert, wanted to start a blog but did not have an email address.  So we worked through that process.  A girl named Tiny said she wanted to be a teacher, but later decided she wanted to start a blog to showcase her poetry.

And then, there was Mardez.

Quiet and serious, Mardez was one of those kids with a confidence that permeated the room.  Other kids seemed to genuinely like and respect him, and he had his priorities straight, soaking in knowledge like a sponge.  Mardez walked into the room and asked questions about being a graphic designer.  He showed me his portfolio, which was a printed binder full of graphic designs and effects, many featuring 50 Cent.  I told Mardez he should start scanning his work and putting it online – one, to create a holding space for all of it, and two to create a copy of all his work.  I saw Mardez again at the What’s Good DC taping on Tuesday and he chatted for a bit, mentioning he wanted to catch up.

Go here to read the full story!

Photo credit: Danielle Scruggs /PMC


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