When DMAC and SuperLeaders’ powers combine…

…The Academies at Anacostia High School’s Digital Media Arts’ first podcast is produced! The first episode is about the new makings of the academies at Anacostia. Anacostia High has gone through a series of changes recently. The school’s system has been restructured, as well as the school building. With all the changes going on at The Academies of Anacostia , PMC fellows Brittany Clemons, Danielle Scruggs, and Social Worker Mr. Turner discussed everything from the new uniform policy to the negative perception of Anacostia High. This is the first time a lot of the students participated in a podcast and while some were shy at first, by the end of the session the students were engaged in a heated debate.

Check out Part 1 of “The New Makings of The Academies at Anacostia”

Next week, we will continue the discussion and take on other topics such as relationship abuse and bullying.


3 comments on “When DMAC and SuperLeaders’ powers combine…

  1. LTurner says:

    This was a great collaboration by Digital Media and Superleaders. I’m excited about the opportunity to tighten this product as we get more experienced and comfortable.

  2. […] Listen to a group of high school students talk honestly and openly about topics ranging from how culture change affects student behavior to how the media fuels negative perceptions about urban students.  It’s about 15 minutes long, and if you have time, I recommend listening to the whole thing. […]

  3. […] when I work with the students at Anacostia. As the students filed in, Brittany and I played the podcast they recorded last week and pointed out how they can improve on their next recording. Then Mardez, […]

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